My Indian ethnic vest and «The Beatles»

Some of you have already seen this Indian ethnic vest in my stories. I bought it from online second-hand store. Zara brand, never worn, perfect condition. When it came I didn’t know how to style it because it was so ethnic! Of course you can wear jeans and a black turtleneck and that will be enough. But it would be too simple. I wanted to prepare some special and bold look.

My Indian ethnic vest and "The Beatles"

Inspiration came to me at the kitchen when I was washing the dishes and listening to «The Beatles». Of course! I remembered their style during and after their famous trip to India in 1968. I spent the whole evening reading about that amazing trip and looking at the band’s photos. Here i want to share some beautiful ones which inspired me.

the beatles in india
the beatles style after india

Please look at Ringo Starr’s style. He is such an icon! To tell you the truth he is my favorite Beatle.

style of ringo starr

Look at them! Ethnic, patterned, embroidered, full of color and life! Nothing is too much when the topic is the 60s.

And here is George Harrison in his vest and patterned shirt.

And here is George in his amazing shirt… without vest… But I wanted to share this photo with you just because it’s very very beautiful.

So the band encouraged me to style my ethnic vest underlining its character. I choose this paisley printed shirt and bold accessories.

ethnic fashion style

But added trendy jeans and shoes to keep a balance.

the beatles inspiration

Ethnic style is what I like a lot in fashion of the 60s and 70s. It’s the result of other cultures’ influence on hippies. And mostly it was Indian culture.

the beatles fashion style
indian influence on hippies
paisley pattern
Indian ethnic vest
 ethnic vest
how to style Indian ethnic vest
how to style ethnic vest

Since I was a child I have always been obsessed with different cultures and their national costumes. When I see ethnic clothes I never pass by. At least I have to stop there and to take a look. I buy only something I know I can adopt to my style and my wordrobe.

hippie style 60s

I’m more than happy with this purchase. By the way if you like ethnic style then second-hand shops can become a real treasury for you ❤